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The midterms: Take this job and shove it...

CALIFORNIA: “In June 2007, an eBay employee claimed that Ms. Whitman became angry and forcefully pushed her in an executive conference room at eBay’s headquarters, according to multiple former eBay employees with knowledge of the incident,” the New York Times writes. “The employee, Young Mi Kim, was preparing Ms. Whitman for a news media interview that day. Ms. Kim, who was not injured in the incident, hired a lawyer and threatened a lawsuit, but the dispute was resolved under the supervision of a private mediator. Two of the former employees said the company paid a six-figure financial settlement to Ms. Kim, which one of them characterized as ‘around $200,000.’”

More: “Ms. Kim still works at eBay and is now a senior manager for corporate and executive communications… The Whitman campaign issued a statement signed by Ms. Whitman that described Ms. Kim as a ‘respected colleague and valuable asset to the company.’ ‘In any high-pressure working environment, tensions can surface,’ the statement said. ‘Young Mi and I had a professional disagreement, which we put behind us. She and I continued to work together at eBay, where I valued her skilled counsel and thorough professionalism.’”

ILLINOIS: Vice President Biden will stump for Alexi Giannoulias on June 21.

INDIANA: He lost his primary bid for U.S. Senate, but Marlin Stutzman is now the GOP nominee for Mark Souder's House seat.

KENTUCKY: "U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul says he is a 'board-certified' ophthalmologist -- even though the national clearinghouse for such certifications says he hasn't been for the past five years," the Louisville Courier-Journal reports. "Rand Paul, who practices in Bowling Green, says he is certified by the National Board of Ophthalmology, a group that he incorporated in 1999 and that he heads. But that entity is not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties, which works with the American Medical Association to approve such specialty boards."

NEVADA: "President Barack Obama will travel to Las Vegas next month to campaign for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid," the Las Vegas Sun's Jon Ralston reports, adding: "Obama will appear at an event for Reid during the first week of July."

The Las Vegas Review-Journal previews Sharron Angle’s visit to DC today. “In her first chance to make a personal impression on Republican senators who she wants to sit alongside next year, Nevada hopeful Sharron Angle is scheduled to speak to them at lunch Tuesday in the U.S. Capitol, a spokesman said.” Nevada Sen. John Ensign (R) will introduce her.

More: “Following lunch, Angle will meet with Sen. John Cornyn, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and NRSC staff, to discuss her bid to unseat Sen. Harry Reid.” http://bit.ly/cBRET2

Politico: "Sharron Angle is coming to Washington for two days of meetings designed to reassure worried Republican leaders that she will not let Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid define her as an eccentric right-wing extremist before her campaign against Reid even gets off the ground."

OHIO: "In a state with Ohio's mix of urban and rural, this endorsement is noteworthy: the National Rife Association is going with the incumbent Democrat, Gov. Ted Strickland, pictured at right, over Republican John Kasich," CQ Politics reports. "Four years ago, the NRA stayed neutral in the general election. ... But Kasich voted for President Clinton's assault weapon ban in 1994."

SOUTH CAROLINA: "The gubernatorial campaign for Lexington state Rep. Nikki Haley announced it would hold a joint news conference with S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster Tuesday, in which McMaster will endorse Haley’s bid to become the nominee," The (Columbia) State reports.