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Ad watch: With guns blazing

AL-2, Barber, "Gather Your Armies"
BARBER: I would impeach him. And if that's not enough, some of you men own taverns. Sam, you were a brewer. Mr. President, a distiller. You know how tough it is to run a small business without a tyrannical government on your back. Today, we have an internal revenue service that enforces what they call a progressive income tax. You'll love this. Every year, we're basically required to spy on ourselves. Report what we earn, who we hire and fire, with an all-powerful separate court system, without representation they can increase taxes, add costly regulation or perform malicious audits. Now this same IRS is gonna force us to buy health insurance. Cram it down our throats, or else. Now I took an oath to defend that with my life. And I can't stand by while these evils are perpetrated. You gentlemen revolted over a tea tax. A tea tax! Now look at us. Are you with me? FOUNDING FATHER: Gather your armies.

CO-3, McConnell, "The 2nd Amendment"
Text: "Bob McConnell on the 2nd Amendment." MCCONNELL: (Shoots gun) That's a pretty good shot. Yeah, I want to talk to you all about the second amendment today. About guns, firearms. The second Amendment. A well-regulated militia being necessary to the defense of the nation, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I love hunting. I love firearms. I like being out here, hearing the sound of guys enjoying what I enjoy. I grew up in a military family, had a military career. Nobody has any business telling me what kind of sports I enjoy, what kind of hunting I want to enjoy, what kind of weapon I want to keep in my home or my car to defend me, my family and if need be my country. Keep and bear. So let's go down range. I'm going to put in my earplugs. I'm going to draw, take off the safe, find the target, eject, put in a new magazine (shoots at Bin Laden target), drop the magazine, my weapon's safe. That's what I enjoy. That's what I love. That's what I will fight to keep the right to do. Keep and bear arms. You know I'm really disappointed in the fact that we're now negotiating a treaty with the United Nations that would effectively eliminate that. When I'm in Congress, I'm going to fight that treaty. I'm going to fight every effort to take our firearms away from us because I'm an American. I need your support. I want you to put me in Congress. I want you all to understand why I love doing what I do and why I'm prepared to do what I do. Join me in this fight. Take back our country. God bless America.

KS SEN, Tiahrt, "Tea Party Movement Hero"
ANNCR: They came to Tea Party rallies across Kansas. To say no to Washington. To all the bailouts, reckless spending and lost jobs. No to the trillions of debt passed on to our kids. Which is why Todd Tiahrt was named a National Tea Party Hero because he's not backing down. On taxes, bailouts or illegal immigrations. CATHY MCDONNELL: He doesn't want the larger government and I don't see him caving. Todd Tiahrt. The real Kansas conservative.


FL GOV, Scott, "For Sale"

SCOTT: Signs of tough times. Unemployment. Real estate collapse. Nearly half of Floridians underwater with their mortgages. So how will politicians solve the problem? They won't. They can't. I come from the business world. I'm running for governor to turn Florida around. Let's rein in state government with accountability budgeting, and create jobs by lowering taxes. The politicians can't turn Florida around. But you and I can. I'm Rick Scott. Let's get to work.


FL GOV, Scott, "Dominos"
ANNCR: 45% of homeowners owe more than their homes are worth. How'd it happen? Congress made the mess. Loosened regulations. Pushed banks to make risky loans. Congressman Bill McCollum? He voted yes. So the mortgage industry made him a high-paid lobbyist, and lobbyist Bill McCollum pushed for more risky loans. And when the housing crash knocked down state finances, McCollum said, "it's not the end of the world." Easy for him to say. Congressman, lobbyist, career politician. Bill McCollum.

NV SEN, anti-Reid, (American Crossroads), "Paying Off"
ANNCR: With Nevada in economic freefall, Harry Reid brags about his tax-payer funded $787 billion bailout, saying,
"there's no question our hard work is paying off." Paying off? Paying off for whom? More than 180 thousand Nevadans are out of work. Nevada home values have plummeted. Record foreclosures. Harry Reid's work is paying off alright. Paying off in Washington. But leaving Nevada with what?


MN GOV, Dayton, "9,000 Miles"
ANNCR: "He's just driven 9,000 miles to every Minnesota county, talking with seniors, workers, farmers. Mark Dayton has taken his campaign to the people, where wisdom in Minnesota is found. His roots go deep in our state. Generations have shopped at his family's Dayton's and Target stores. As an all-state goalie, he learned the value of hard work. All his life, he's had the courage to do what he believes is right. From teaching in a New york City public school to funding bus trips of seniors to Canada for cheaper prescription drugs, to voting against the Iraq War in the U.S. Senate, it's the courage we need to repair the damage Tim Pawlenty has done. Mark Dayton will make the richest Minnesotans pay their fair share of taxes and invest that money in better schools and colleges, create jobs by investing in better highways and clean energy and make taking care of seniors a top priority. Isn't it time we had a government as good as out people? Dayton -- governor for a better Minnesota" (youtube.com, 6/14).


NM GOV, Martinez, "Cada Nino"

from website: "Her first Spanish-language advertisement of the general election campaign, titled 'Cada Niño."'The advertisement speaks to the Doña Ana County District Attorney's prosecution in the murder of six-month old Brianna Lopez. Martinez convicted Brianna's mother, father and uncle in connection with her death. In the commercial, Martinez discusses how Brianna's photograph hangs on her office wall to remind her of the importance of fighting to protect children each and every day."


SC, Haley, "Primary Night"

HALEY: We said we are not gonna have an arrogant, unaccountable government. We said no to bailouts in Washington. We said no to inside dealmaking and backroom politics. But most importantly, we said yes to South Carolina not just being Republican, but becoming conservative and reminding elected officials who it is that they work for. I am a woman who understands through the grace of God, with him all things are possible.