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GOP candidate declares war against U.S.?

Rick Barber -- a Tea Party Republican competing in a congressional run-off down in Alabama -- is airing the first TV ad this reporter can remember that advocates taking up arms against the United States.


In the ad (below), Barber has a discussion with men dressed up as America's founding fathers. "I would impeach him," Barber says at the beginning, obviously a reference to impeaching President Obama.

Barber continues, "Today we have an Internal Revenue Service that enforces what they call a 'progressive' income tax... Now this same IRS is going to force us to buy health insurance, cram it down our throats or else. Now I took an oath to defend that [the U.S. Constitution] with my life, and I can't stand by while these evils are perpetrated. You, gentleman, revolted over a tea tax! A tea tax! Now look at us. Are you with me?"

One of the men dressed like a U.S. founding father -- George Washington? -- replies, "Gather your armies." And to drive home the point, there are clear images of pistols in the ad.

Barber is running in a July 13 run-off against Martha Roby for the right to take on incumbent Alabama Rep. Bobby Bright (D) in the fall. Roby got 48.6% of the vote in the June 1 primary, and is the favorite in this contest.