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Kagan: Paula Jones' name back in the news

“Kagan was involved in defending Clinton in the lawsuit brought by ex-Arkansas state worker Paula Jones, according to documents released Friday,” AP writes. “Clinton's testimony for the Jones lawsuit, denying a sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, led to his impeachment. The library held back several of Kagan's memos to Clinton's top advisers in the case, saying that publicly releasing them would divulge confidential advice. They were turned over to the Senate Judiciary Committee that will hold hearings on Kagan's nomination, however.”

“Two of the most influential justices ever to sit on the Supreme Court -- Thurgood Marshall and Antonin Scalia -- probably couldn’t get confirmed to the bench today,” Roll Call writes. “So say scholars and Senators who argue that the high court has turned into such a political battleground that recent presidents now eschew nominating individuals like Marshall and Scalia. Instead, they argue, presidents are trending in favor of nominees who, like current Supreme Court hopeful Elena Kagan, have spent their lives avoiding controversy.”