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Ad Watch: Ayotte of ads

NH SEN, Hodes, "Ayotte: Come Clean"
raising scandal
ANNCR: Kelly Ayotte failed to prosecute the largest fraud in New Hampshire history. NH AG: The Department of Justice made serious mistakes. ANNCR: For weeks, Ayotte has refused to come forward and answer questions about how her office missed the warning signs and why they refused to act. She's done nothing but duck responsibility. AYOTTE: This was not a matter that I had any personal contact with. ANNCR: And point fingers. AYOTTE: But the agencies with primary jurisdiction here are banking and securities. ANNCR: But her duck and dodge routine isn't fooling anyone. Now, Kelly Ayotte is being compelled to testify before the New Hampshire legislature. TV ANNCRS: Kelly Ayotte is now being called to testify... Kelly Ayotte is being summoned to testify... ANNCR: Where she will finally have to answer to the people of New Hampshire. MAN: She says she has no personal knowledge of the matter, but why the heck not? She was in charge of the office. WOMAN: Kelly Ayotte knew such small details as where desks were being moved in her office. But she didn't know her department had received repeated evidence of massive financial fraud. MAN: If Kelly Ayotte doesn't take responsibility, who does she think should? ANNCR: It's time for Kelly Ayotte to come clean.

NH SEN, Ayotte, "Stop"
not a career politician
AYOTTE: New Hampshire has a clear message for Washington politicians like Paul Hodes. Stop. Stop the bailouts, stop the trillion dollar takeover of health care. Stop the out of control spending that gave us a thirteen trillion dollar debt. I'm a prosecutor, not a politician. As Attorney General, I put killers behind bars. When our state faced layoffs, I refused to take a pay raise. I'm Kelly Ayotte. I'm a fiscal conservative who will cut spending, and I approve this message because Washington must stop.

NH SEN, Binnie, "On the Trail"
ANNCR: All throughout New Hampshire Bill Binnie is working hard, meeting people. Winning votes. Binnie's message of fiscal responsibility and the need for more jobs is what the people of New Hampshire want, need and deserve. Bill Binnie is everywhere. Look for him as he travels across the state. Bill Binnie. Common sense, independent voice for New Hampshire. Vote Republican Bill Binnie for United States Senate.

NV SEN, Reid, "Geothermal"
positive/why NV needs Reid
PAUL THOMSEN: Yeah, you drive along I-80 and you see the steam coming up from the ground. It may not look like much, but it's geothermal energy. Geothermal can mean over 16,000 construction jobs in Nevada. Harry Reid saw the potential for geothermal before just about anybody else. It's Nevada jobs, it's Nevada energy, Senator Reid is making that happen.

WI SEN, Johnson, "Real World"
not a career politician
JOHNSON: "Remember when Wisconsin companies manufactured products and sold them all over the world? I'm Ron Johnson -- come on, let me show you. At our company, we don't export jobs, we export plastic. We can bring America back, but first, we have to boot professional politicians out of Washington. Government doesn't create jobs, government creates debt -- you know that, I know that. Let's tell Washington. I'm Ron Johnson, I'm running for Senate, and I approve this message" (youtube.com, 6/11).

WI SEN, Johnson, "Apple Pie"
humor/not a career politician
ANNCR: "He's a family man. He wants good jobs. And everything good for everyone. He even loves apple pie." JOHNSON: "Had enough of these phony political commercials? I'm Ron Johnson, I believe Congress is squandering America's future with reckless amounts of spending and debt. It's irresponsible. It's time we bring America back. The politicians won't, but you and I can. I'm Ron Johnson, I approve this message, I'm fed up with our government's failure, that's why I'm running for Senate"

AL GOV, Byrne, "Protect"
Bradley Byrne. Christian conservative. Family man. His Christian faith and values will guide him as governor. Ending Montgomery corruption, to clean up the legislature's spending mess. Standing up to Barack Obama and BP's failures in the gulf to protect our economy and way of life. Bradley Byrne's Moving Alabama Forward plan will create new jobs, provide more police enforcement to crack down on illegal immigration. Alabama, let's protect our values and way of life. Bradley Byrne. Conservative. Governor.

CA GOV, anti-Whitman, "California Working Families 2010"
ANNCR: "Meg Whitman wants our vote. But for 28 years, she didn't bother to vote." (Clip of townhall exchange) VOTER: "People want to know why." WHITMAN: "Well, what I have said is that it wasn't the right thing to do." VOTER: "But why?" WHITMAN: "It just wasn't the right thing to do. I should have, I should have and I didn't." VOTER: "Why not?" WHITMAN: "I should have voted, and I didn't." ANNCR: "For decades, she didn't follow the issues. Couldn't spare a minute to vote. Now she's spending 150 million to get our vote?" WHITMAN: "I should have, and I didn't. We're going to move on now"

ND HOUSE, anti-Pomeroy (Americans for Prosperity)
Obama/Pelosi agenda
Americans opposed a health care takeover, but Earl Pomeroy ignored us and voted with Nancy Pelosi for big-government health care. The cost? 1 trillion dollars. What did you get? 500 billion in Medicare costs. Tax hikes that have already led to thousands of jobs lost. And now, a non-partisan congressional committee says people making less than $200,000 will pay more in taxes. Earl Pomeroy cast his vote. Tell him: North Dakotans won't forget.