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Dems tout health law's benefits for seniors

At a packed town hall of senior citizens in Wheaton, Md., President Obama on Tuesday touted the benefits they would see because of the recently passed health-care law.

“What you’ll see through this new law," he said, "are new benefits, new cost savings and an increased focus on quality to ensure that you get the care that you need.”

In particular, he noted the one-time $250 rebate checks they would receive because of the Affordable Care Act to close the so-called Medicare Part D "donut hole, created by footing the bill for prescription drugs.

Yesterday, the first wave of checks went out, and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine bragged about the administration's efforts on health care.

Seniors are the “earliest beneficiaries of the bill,” Kaine said on a conference call with reporters. The act, which was signed into law in March, will also provide seniors with free preventative services such as cancer screenings and checkups. Kaine contends that such benefits will “ensure seniors maintain health into their golden years,” saving all Americans money.

Republicans, however, argue that the overall bill will wind up costing taxpayers more than Democrats say. And they continue to work to repeal and replace the law, which has proven to be good politics in GOP circles.

“The fight is not over," DNC Seniors Council Chair Steve Regenstreif said. "If Republicans get their way it won’t be a law for long.”

DNC members say that they are taking the Republican threats of repeal seriously.

“I’m up for the fight,” Kaine said, adding his view that health-care reform is a “big win for senior Americans” and that he would continue to talk about its benefits.