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Obama agenda: The Iran sanctions

Per the New York Times, “The United Nations Security Council leveled its fourth round of sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program on Wednesday, but the measures did little to overcome widespread doubts that they — or even the additional steps pledged by American and European officials — would accomplish the Council’s longstanding goal: halting Iran’s production of nuclear fuel.”

More: “The new resolution, hailed by President Obama as delivering ‘the toughest sanctions ever faced by the Iranian government,’ took months to negotiate and major concessions by American officials, but still failed to carry the symbolic weight of a unanimous decision. Twelve of the 15 nations on the Council voted for the measure, while Turkey and Brazil voted against it and Lebanon abstained.”

The AP: “President Barack Obama is focusing on the Gulf oil spill for a good part of his day… After those meetings, the president will discuss energy reform with business leaders and energy experts.”

The New York Daily News: "President Obama pledged $400 million on Wednesday to help Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas provide fresh water and shelter to people in the increasingly 'unsustainable' Gaza Strip."