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Lindsey Graham backs Lugar energy bill

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said today he signed on to fellow GOP Sen. Richard Lugar's energy bill for two simple reasons: "Sen. Lugar doesn't have oil drilling. He doesn't have 'cap and trade.'"

Last month, Graham walked away from a bipartisan climate change/energy bill he brokered with Sens. John Kerry (D) and Joe Lieberman (I). At the time, Graham attributed his decision to immigration politics and the oil spill in the gulf.

In announcing his support today for Lugar's bill, he again pointed to the oil spill in dramatic terms:

It would be very hard for Lindsey Graham to go back to South Carolina and say, 'Let's expand drilling in this environment.' I want to know what the hell happened. I want to make sure it doesn't happen again. I want the people of South Carolina to have the option one day to expand drilling off our coast if they choose. But I'm not going to put that on the table until I understand what happened with this oil spill and make sure we don't do it again.