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Obama agenda: Obama meets with Abbas

The AP: "With tensions newly heightened in the Middle East, President Barack Obama and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas were set to discuss Israel's blockade of Gaza and the humanitarian and economic hardship facing the people there.”

"The White House job offers that led to charges the administration is practicing Chicago-style politics are nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to Washington, according to presidential scholars," The Hill writes. "Offering someone a position to get him out of the way goes back at least as far as the 1824 presidential election of John Quincy Adams. ... Adams allegedly offered Speaker Henry Clay a job as secretary of state to get him to drop his bid for the presidency. ... More recently, rumors circulated that President Ronald Reagan offered an ambassadorship or other job to GOP Sen. S.I. Hayakawa if he dropped out of a 1982 Senate California primary. Hayakawa told the Associated Press at the time: 'I do not want to be ambassador and I do not want an administration post.'"