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Ad Watch: McCain blasts Hayworth

KS SEN, Moran, "Truth Test"
ANNCR: "Desperate and trailing badly in the polls, Todd Tiahrt is running Washington style attack ads that don't tell the truth. Jerry Moran voted for the Bush tax cuts, and for lower taxes more than 200 times. And while Jerry fights to reduce wasteful spending, Todd Tiahrt, one of Washington's biggest spenders, voted to hide earmarks from public scrutiny. Congressman Todd Tiahrt: just another politician gone Washington." MORAN: "I'm Jerry Moran and I approve this message" (release, 6/7).

AZ SEN, McCain, "Washington Lobbyist"
ANNCR: J.D. Hayworth says he's an outsider. But after he was voted out of Congress, he became a registered lobbyist. Hayworth was paid thousands by a Florida corporation to lobby the very committee he used to serve on. Outsider? A lobbyist is as inside Washington as it gets. WOMAN: Hayworth was my congressman, but we voted him out.

CA SEN, Fiorina, Palin robocall
"Hi.This is Sarah Palin calling for the Carly for California campaign. I'm calling to ask you to vote for Carly Fiorina, the commonsense conservative running for United States Senate. You know thankfully Carly is not a career politician. She's a businesswoman who knows from personal experience that when government grows, the private sector shrinks. Carly is the conservative who has the best chance to beat liberal Sen. Barbara Boxer. And she's running against a liberal Republican who really isn't much different than Boxer. Come on, help get our country back on track by electing Carly Fiorina to the United States Senate. Please be sure to vote on Tuesday. And thank you so much for your time."

IL GOV, anti-Quinn (RGA), "Had Enough"

ANNCR: "As Governors, Quinn and Blagojevich have failed us. Unemployment's at a 26-year-high. In 15 months under Quinn, Illinois has lost 215,000 jobs. Under Quinn and Blagojevich, Illinois is now $13 billion in the red. Quinn's solutions to our deficits? Borrow more. Raise your taxes by 33%. Had enough? Pat Quinn has failed us. And we can't afford him anymore" (release, 6/7).

The Day After Tomorrow from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

MI GOV, Bouchard, "Look"

ANNCR: "Look around. Under Jennifer Granholm, unemployment's jumped over 100 percent. Nearly half know a family member who's jobless. And Lansing? More taxes, more spending. No solutions. Now, look at Mike Bouchard. He signed the pledge to fight any efforts to increase taxes. In the senate, he authored one of the state's largest tax cuts, saving us billions. Now, he's ready to get us back to work. Mike Bouchard. The conservative leader we've been looking for" (Youtube, 6/7).

SC GOV, McMaster
MAN (in clip): "Congressman Gresham Barrett." ANNCR: "Why are these people booing? Gresham Barrett lied to them. Barrett said he'd stand for conservative values, but voted for the $700 million Wall Street bailout. Now he says he'd do it again." BARRETT (in clip): "I would do it again today if I had to do it all over." ANNCR: "Gresham Barrett. Too weak to be governor. Henry McMaster opposed the Wall Street bailout and fought Obama's health care takeover. Restoring honor and integrity. Henry McMaster for governor" (youtube, 6/7).

NM GOV, Denish, "Results"
Susana Martinez promised not to plea-bargain felony drunk drivers. But she broke her promise and cut over 800 plea-bargain deals. It's a dangerous record of failure. In these tough times, we need a governor who protects families and gets results. Diane Denish. A loan program that helped 18 hundred small businesses grow and create jobs. Pre-K education for our kids. And taking on Santa Fe insiders to clean up the housing authority. Diane Denish. Governor.