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Congress: Reid's ambitious to-do list

"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has eight items on his to-do list, but with just four weeks to go until the July Fourth recess, he’ll be lucky if he gets three of them done," Roll Call writes. "The Senate will lead off this week with a replay of the House’s prerecess fight over tax extenders and unemployment benefits." Then: "Following tax extenders, Reid said he’d like to move to a job creation bill aimed at small businesses." It would focus on "small-business lending options." Other contenders: Legislation on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, and later, a food safety bill, debate on Defense authorization. But "conference reports on the Wall Street regulation bill or on a House-passed supplemental war spending measure could elbow out other legislation. Reid said Monday that he hopes to send the Wall Street measure to Obama by July Fourth."