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Lie to Me: South Carolina

"Wasn't me" -- not just a 2000 song by hip-hop artist Shaggy, but also might as well be Andre Bauer's motto today.

The South Carolina lieutenant governor, running for the Republican nomination to replace Mark Sanford, wants to make it explicitly clear he had nothing to do with the slurs and allegations against opponent Nikki Haley.

How much so? Today, Bauer released the results of a lie-detector test. (Seriously. Can South Carolina politics get any weirder?)

The reason? As our Columbia, S.C., NBC affiliate, WIS, writes:

Larry Marchant, one of the two men who have claimed past relationships with Haley, was a consultant to the Bauer campaign until the day of the debate.

"Y'all were fishing the story last night and you didn't fire him yesterday," Haley said during the debate. "Only when no one would take it seriously because he's a paid consultant that you decided to fire him today."

Bauer denied the accusation, and challenged Haley to take side-by-side lie detector tests to prove who's telling the truth. The Bauer campaign says Haley refused the polygraph, but Bauer took the test anyway.
"I'm not willing to have that kind of false accusation go unchallenged," Bauer said. "She made a false accusation about me, and I wanted to prove that I was telling the truth."

Bauer "says he took Sunday night in Columbia, administered by an independent, FBI-certified polygrapher."

And catch this little nugget:

Bauer had previously told WCSC in Charleston that he would "absolutely" take a polygraph about his own rumored sexual history, as he has asked Haley to do. No questions about that subject were included in Bauer's polygraph exam, however.