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Obama agenda: 'Furious'

The New York Times: “Obama Cancels Asia Trip as Concern on Spill Mounts.”

The Washington Post: "President Obama has once again postponed his trip to Indonesia and Australia, telephoning the leaders of the two countries late Thursday night, the White House said. It is the second time the trip has been canceled. It was originally planned for March but was put off because the president wanted to be in Washington for a critical health-care vote in Congress. Now, the president needs to stay in Washington to oversee the worsening environmental crisis from the oil spill off the Gulf Coast.

On Larry King Live last night, the president “said he is ‘furious at [the] entire situation’ surrounding the BP oil spill but that his anger will not stop the leak,” The Hill writes.

“U.S. officials took a hopeful and cautious outlook late Thursday after BP robotic craft wrestled a cap onto the jagged end of a blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico in the latest attempt to stop the worst oil spill in U.S. history,” msnbc.com writes. “Live video provided by BP showed dramatic scenes of the cap being lifted into place and dark clouds of oil billowing out from between it and the sawed-off pipe, 5,000 feet below the Gulf's surface. The gushing oil made it very difficult to tell if the cap was fitting well. BP officials did not immediately return requests for comment.”

The New York Times: “White House Talk Lightens Tone of Dispute on Immigration Law.”

Remember health care? The New York Times: “Health Insurers and the Administration Find They Need Each Other.”

The Washington Post: “Beneath its commitment to soft-spoken diplomacy and beyond the combat zones of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Obama administration has significantly expanded a largely secret U.S. war against al-Qaeda and other radical groups, according to senior military and administration officials.”

“Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has ordered the military and the Pentagon’s civilian bureaucracy to find tens of billions of dollars in annual savings to pay for war-fighting operations, senior officials said Thursday,” the New York Times reports. “His goal is $7 billion in spending cuts and efficiencies for 2012, growing to $37 billion annually by 2016.”

AP: “Secret Service officers have subdued two men who refused to get out of the street as President Barack Obama's motorcade was returning to the White House. Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan says Obama was returning Thursday night from a school event for one of his daughters when the men refused to move out of the way of the presidential motorcade. A uniformed Secret Service officer was seen lying on top of one man and another officer wrestled with the second man. Donovan says the men, who were using profanity, were charged with assaulting a police officer and failure to obey a lawful order. He didn't have their identities. Donovan says the incident appeared to be a random event and not an organized attempt to block the president's motorcade.”