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NV GOP SEN: Angle surges

Since "Chicken-gate," conservatives have moved away from Sue Lowden, the former state GOP chairwoman, running for the Republican nomination in the Nevada Senate race. And yet another poll shows Sharron Angle leading. In a Suffolk poll, Angle is ahead of Danny Tarkanian and Lowden, 33%-26%-25%. Pollster David Paleologos said of his poll:

“The Nevada GOP is drawing a right angle in the quest for Capitol Hill. Although Danny Tarkanian is more personally popular and Sue Lowden is seen as the more viable candidate against Harry Reid, voters are lining up behind Angle in great numbers, especially in the Washoe County area."

*** UPDATE *** There's also quite the ad war being waged in the state, including a hit ad from Lowden's campaign against Angle that invokes prison back rubs and tries to tie Angle to Church of Scientology (don't miss the prison shrine to Tom Cruise!):

Tea Party Express is up with an ad defending Angle's conservative bona fides:

Lowden challenged Angle's credentials with this one: