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Former FL GOP chair arrested

Former Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer was arrested this morning on six felony charges, including money laundering and grand theft, the Orlando Sentinel reported today.

Shortly after his resignation in February on accusations of extravagant spending, Greer became the subject of a criminal investigation into income he earned from Victory Strategies LLC, a Republican fundraising company that kept 10 percent of its donations. Greer owned a 60-percent stake in the company, the Sentinel writes.

At a news conference late this morning, Statewide Prosecutor William Shepherd called Victory Strategies a "shell company" through which Greer siphoned at least $100,000 for personal expenses, and listed his charges: organized scheme to defraud, money laundering and four counts of grand theft.

Greer announced his resignation from his chairmanship on Jan. 5th, a few days shy of the party’s annual meeting in Orlando. He was accused of charging chartered planes and expensive meals to his party credit card, as was former state House speaker and Senate candidate Marco Rubio, who records show charged $13,900 to a party American Express card during his tenure in the state house, the St. Petersburg Times reported.

Besides allegations of profligacy, which compelled him to publicly cut up his own American Express card in August, Greer was also shunned by the party for his vocal support of now-Independent Senate candidate, Gov. Charlie Crist.

In a resignation letter dated Jan. 5th, Greer wrote, "While some are more interested in tearing and shredding the fabric of the Republican Party to pieces, I will not be a participant in this destructive behavior."

Further explaining his decision to step down, Greer told reporters that the Republican party had only two goals in mind: ""Remove me as chairman, and if that doesn't work, burn the house down and try to destroy the Republican Party," the St. Petersburg Times reported Jan. 6th.

Florida Statewide Prosecutor William Shepherd announces the charges against former Florida Republican Chairman Jim Greer.

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