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Midterms: Fair-weather friends

CONNECTICUT: Attorney General Richard Blumenthal still holds a lead over Republican candidate Linda McMahon in the state’s Senate race, a poll for the liberal blog Daily Kos poll finds, “giving further corroboration that Blumenthal is not being immediately damaged by the the controversy surrounding his past misleading statements about serving in Vietnam,” the left-leaning Talking Points Memo writes.

FLORIDA: “Since he quit his party, [Gov. Charlie] Crist says he has discovered that people he thought were friends turned out to be only Republican friends who dropped Crist after he left the GOP,” The Hill writes. “Still, he insists he has no regrets about his decision, and offered criticism for the GOP activists who took a stand against him after he supported President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package.”

ILLINOIS: “Another video featuring U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kirk of Illinois making false claims of being the U.S. Navy’s intelligence officer of the year has surfaced as he campaigns for a seat once held by President Barack Obama,” Bloomberg reports. “A Senate campaign Web video made the intelligence officer of the year assertion as an image of Kirk, 50, in a fighter jet is shown. Previously, the only reported video of Kirk making the claim was on C-SPAN during a 2002 congressional hearing.”

NORTH CAROLINA: “Americans United for Change has launched a series of ads attacking various lawmakers who oppose clean energy legislation,” the News & Observer writes. “The group is spending $100,000 to run the ad next week attacking [Sen. Richard] Burr in Wilmington and Greenville.”