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Ad watch: Halter's closing time

From NBC's Ali Weinberg
Two Senate campaigns we've been watching closely released multiple campaign ads today. In Arkansas, the Democratic challenger to incumbent Blanche Lincoln, Lieutenant Gov. Bill Halter, is up with two new ads, one lamenting Washington's excess and ineffectiveness, and one featuring an elderly voter praising Halter's stewardship of entitlement programs while he was Deputy Commissioner of Social Security in 1999.

In Connecticut, three ads show voters thanking Democratic candidate Richard Blumenthal for his service... as the state's Attorney General.

1. AR SEN: Halter, "Signs":

HALTER: I’m Bill Halter and I approve this message. VO: We’ve tried to tell them. But Washington is still out of touch with our lives. The bailouts? They have to stop. From credit card rates to CEO pay, someone needs to stand up to Wall Street. And our retirement? We need it protected. But all over Arkansas there ARE signs that change is possible. HALTER: The only way we can change Washington is if we change who we send there. VO: Bill Halter. The only choice for change.

2. Halter, "Pauline":

PAULINE WILDMAN: I started work when I was 16, spent years as a waitress, and paid into Social Security and Medicare all my life. Without Social Security Id be out on the street. When Bill Halter was in charge of Social Security, he fought to protect it from cuts. But Blanche Lincoln is different. LINCOLN: There are reasonable spending cuts that can be made, Medicare and Social Security (quote from Lincoln in final debate.) WILDMAN: She supports more tax cuts for millionaires, while cutting Social Security. She has lost touch with people like me.

3. CT SEN: Blumenthal, "Sarah":

SARAH: My husband and I went downstairs to find our house on fire. We were left with nothing and were absolutely stunned when we received the bill to clean the waste and devastated because that money was coming out of what were eligible for to rebuild the home. I called Attorney General Blumenthal and he ended up getting that bill greatly reduced for us. Everyone I know has a story about Richard Blumenthal or how he helped their mother or their best friend. I have no idea how he does it. But I’m glad he does. BLUMENTHAL: I'm Dick Blumenthal and I'm proud to approve this message.

4. Blumenthal, "Gary and Gayle":

GARY: When they initially told me I had the leukemia, they told me I only had thirty days to live. GAYLE: Here he is sick in the hospital with the insurance carrier wanting to send us to Washington State. Richard Blumenthal stepped in and fought the insurance company. We’re living proof that he was there and he made a difference in our lives. GARY: I think he really cares about what happens to people. GAYLE: Richard Blumenthal, for us, worked a miracle. BLUMENTHAL: I’m Dick Blumenthal. I’m proud to approve this message.

5. Blumenthal, "Laura and Skyler":

LAURA: The first time my son Skyler had a regular formula he blew up like a balloon and he practically died in my arms. The only formula that he could have was going to cost us $1,200 a month and the insurance company did not want to pay. I called the Attorney General’s office and Richard Blumenthal made me feel like this was the most important thing. Today Skyler will watch Richard Blumenthal on TV and say, "hey mom, there’s the man who saved my life." BLUMENTHAL: I'm Dick Blumenthal and I approved this message.