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Primary Day: AL, MS, NM's turn

The New York Times jumps into the Alabama governor’s race, looking at Artur Davis’ chances on the Democratic side and that he’s trying an “Obama Coalition Style in Alabama Race.”

The Montgomery Advertiser reports that most political observers “expect a runoff in the Republican primary for governor, where seven men are running for the nomination, and “consider former two-year college system Chancellor Bradley Byrne and Greenville businessman Tim James the frontrunners.”

An Alabama GOP source is quoted in Talking Points Memo as saying that that Democrat-turned-Republican Rep. Parker Griffith's two challengers, Madison County Commissioner Mo Brooks and businessman Les Phillip, “are competing for the same voters against Griffith. ‘I'd give him probably a 60% chance of getting to 50 plus one,’ the source said, explaining that Griffith is favored to win but also that a runoff could be trickier for him.”

The Washington Post looks at today’s primary in the Republican primary for New Mexico governor and a donor who gave a lot of money to Susana Martinez. But the key issue? Immigration. “[I]t was Martinez's ads hammering former state party chairman Allen Weh on immigration as well as Martinez's endorsement by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) last month that have been the main forces behind her recent surge.”