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It was Clinton who spoke to Sestak

From NBC's Chuck Todd
Regarding Joe Sestak's allegation that the White House offered him a job in order to keep him from challenging Arlen Specter, First Read can now confirm what had been whispered over the past couple of weeks: that Bill Clinton was the person who talked to Sestak. This occurred last summer.

At the suggestion of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Clinton was dispatched to find out what Sestak wanted... Nobody at the White House knows for sure what Clinton said to Sestak or what Sestak heard.

One source speculates what Clinton "offered" and what Sestak heard could be interpreted different ways. And that explains the White House's decision to not weigh in because, ultimately, it didn't know what the exact conversation between Sestak and Clinton was.

Here's an additional nugget: Ironically, the day Specter switched parties, other senior Democratic Party officials were scheduled that day to begin a full-court press to lure Sestak into running.

*** UPDATE *** Plum Line's Greg Sargent was the first to report Clinton as the go-between. He writes, "The White House maintains that Clinton's overtures to Sestak merely constituted an effort to gauge his seriousness about the race, the sources say, adding that Clinton was informally discussing the range of options open to Sestak as part of a larger conversation meant to ascertain Sestak's thinking."