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'As the World Turns' -- in South Carolina

From NBC's Mark Murray
The last time we dove into South Carolina's GOP gubernatorial primary -- and the allegations of an affair -- we told you that Will Folks, a prominent GOP blogger and former Mark Sanford spokesman, revealed an "inappropriate physical relationship" with gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley (R).

Haley, who is married with children, denied any infidelity.

But now the Web site that Folks runs has published a series of text messages that -- although not direct proof of an affair -- shows that Folks and Haley's campaign manager discussed the allegations and their impact.

"I'm telling you man," Haley's campaign manager tells Folks. "we keep this under wraps and nh [Nikki Haley] is going to win."

CNN has confirmed with the campaign manager, Tim Pearson, that the text messages -- posted here -- are authentic.

The GOP primary featuring Haley, Henry McMaster, Gresham Barrett, and Andre Bauer takes place on June 8.