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Kagan support similar to Alito's in '05

From NBC's Mark Murray
Our new NBC/MSNBC/Telemundo poll doesn't just measure attitudes on immigration. It also contains our first look at Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

According to the poll, 31% of respondents say they support Kagan's nomination, compared with 21% who oppose it; 47% didn't have an opinion or don't know enough about her.

Kagan's numbers largely mirror support for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito at a similar point in his successful attempt for confirmation: In our Nov. 2005 NBC/WSJ poll, 32% supported Alito and 20% opposed him. Alito was confirmed in Jan. 2006 by a 58-42 vote.

However, Kagan's initial support is lower than Sonia Sotomayor's (43%-20% oppose) and John Roberts' (38%-20%).

But it is higher than the initial support forĀ failed nominee Harriet Miers (27%-21%).