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Dems seeks to bolster Blumenthal

From NBC's Jenna Pfeffer
In a conference call yesterday, Democratic pollster Al Quinlan said that, according to likely voters in a Greenberg Quinlan Rosner poll, "Dick Blumenthal is the one who is going to stand up for ordinary people…he's a fighter."

In spite of the controversy over whether Blumenthal (D), Connecticut's attorney general, mischaracterized his Vietnam service last week, the new Democratic poll  shows Blumenthal still ahead of Republican opponent Linda McMahon (R-CT) by 15 points, 55-40%. Quinlan said McMahon may not as popular as she would hope, despite the $15 million running ads. She said she intends to spend $50 million.

In the poll, Blumenthal retained a net-positive favorable/unfavorable rating of 55/28. This was despite the fact that 91% of the likely voters said that they had heard, seen, or read about the recent scandal surrounding Blumenthal. 

Quinlan emphasized that this shows how solid the Democratic base is in Connecticut, as Blumenthal got a 95% favorability rating among Democrats. It is also striking that he got a 57% favorability rating among unaffiliated voters. He had a 23% rating among Republicans. Quinlan said Blumenthal leads among people of all ages and sexes.

The poll was conducted through live telephone interviews last Wednesday and Thursday, May 19-20. There were 602 respondents and a 4% margin of error.