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GOP watch: Palin as Jeff Foxworthy?

— "With jokes about being a redneck and the revelation that her girlfriends held a baby shower for her at a shooting range, Palin gave the crowd, many from small towns across the South and West, a dose of folksy. 'Some of these animal activists are just...crazy,' she said. 'They think we're killing Bambi's mother. I love animals, but in Alaska, Bambi's mother is dinner.'" And don't miss her rundown of "redneck" jokes. 
"Sarah Palin slammed a suburban Chicago high school for boycotting a girls basketball tourney in Arizona over its controversial new immigration law -- while Austin, Tex., joined the growing number of cities boycotting the embattled state." 
Roll Call: "The potential for such a significant increase in ideological and regional diversity within the minority Conference, combined with the loss of some veteran Republican Senators moored in the ways and traditions of the chamber, poses both risks and rewards for [Minority Leader Mitch] McConnell and his accommodating, deliberate leadership style." 
Channeling what one of us wrote on msnbc.com, Roll Call writes, "Hispanic House Republicans say the GOP must tread cautiously on immigration so as not to reverse the gains the party has begun to make with Hispanic voters on other issues." 
More from Bob Bennett on his loss at the Utah convention: "I could have won the primary. I could have won the primary very handily," he said. "I very clearly did not even come close in the convention. And there have been studies being -- there are studies being made to how different the convention delegates are from the primary voters as a whole."