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GOP watch: Palin addresses the NRA

The AP previews the National Rifle Association's meeting in Charlotte, NC, which begins today with a speech from Sarah Palin. "The former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican candidate for vice president is scheduled to speak Friday afternoon in Charlotte. That session will also include actor Chuck Norris, U.S. Rep. Mike Pence and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour… Organizers expect up to 70,000 attendees at the weekend's events, which will also include speeches from conservative commentator Glenn Back and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich." 

Politics Daily adds: "The theme for this year's NRA meeting is 'A Celebration of American Values.' While the NRA is nonpartisan, convention speakers do trend Republican, with few exceptions such as N.C. Blue Dog Democrat Rep. Heath Shuler. NRA spokeswoman Rachel Parsons said that when it comes to lawmakers, 'if you support us, we support you 100 percent.'" 

"Senate Republicans are poised to try to reignite the health care debate by launching a coordinated political messaging offensive to target Democrats and the White House for what they contend are the new law's onerous consequences," Roll Call writes, adding, "Under the slogan 'second opinion,' Republicans plan to communicate their message on multiple fronts, including on the Senate floor, in press conferences, via the Internet and through television and radio appearances." A Democratic aide responded this way: "I guess it takes Republicans a 'second opinion' to ignore all the benefits of the new law," a Democratic Senate aide said. "Their second opinion pretty much sounds like their first opinion -- just the same old rehashed obstructionism at its worst."

Bob Bennett on his defeat in Utah: "It wasn't logical, it was emotional, and the emotion trumps logic almost every time," he told Fox News. 

U.S. = Greece? John Boehner: "Unless we change course, our debt is on track to reach levels we're seeing in Greece, which is already receiving an international bailout… Quite frankly, it's just scaring the hell out of" the American people. Democrats had this hot response: "John Boehner was one of George Bush's top lieutenants when he was spending taxpayer dollars like a drunken sailor, doubling the debt and then leaving us to deal with an economic disaster," said Chris Van Hollen spokesman Doug Thornell.

Paul Krugman argues that the U.S. is no Greece.