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Question time for Kagan

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
As NBC's Ken Strickland said on MSNBC's Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie, Republicans will likely use Elena Kagan's answer to the Judiciary Committee questionnaire on her judicial experience.

Here's the full 10-page questionnaire (as Chuck promised on TV).

Here are the questions Republicans will likely use: 

15. Legal Career: Answer each part separately.
a. Describe chronologically your law practice and legal experience after graduation from law school including:

i. whether you served as clerk to a judge, and if so, the name of the judge, the court, and the dates of the period you were a clerk;
ii. whether you practiced alone, and if so, the addresses and dates;
iii. the dates, names, and addresses of law firms or offices, companies, or governmental agencies with which you have been affiliated, and the nature of your affiliation with each;
iv. whether you served as a mediator or arbitrator in alternative dispute resolution proceedings and, if so, a description of the 10 most significant matters with which you were involved in that capacity.

b. Describe:

i. the general character of your law practice and indicate by date when its character has changed over the years;
ii. your typical clients and the areas at each period of your legal career, if any, in which you have specialized.

c. Describe the percentage of your practice that has been in litigation and whether you appeared in court frequently, occasionally, or not at all. If the frequency of your appearances in court varied, describe such variance, providing dates.

i. Indicate the percentage of your practice in:

1. federal courts;
2. state courts of record;
3. other courts;
4. administrative agencies.

ii. Indicate the percentage of your practice in:

1. civil proceedings;
2. criminal proceedings.

d. List, by case name, all cases in courts of record, including cases before administrative law judges, you tried to verdict, judgment, or final decision (rather than settled), indicating whether you were sole counsel, chief counsel, or associate counsel. For each such case, include the docket number and provide any opinions or filings available to you.

i. What percentage of these trials were:

1. jury;
2. non-jury.


16. Litigation: Describe the ten (10) most significant litigated matters which you personally handled, whether or not you were the attorney of record. Give the citations, if the cases were reported, and the docket number and date if unreported. Give a capsule summary of the substance of each case. Identify the party or parties whom you represented; describe in detail the nature of your participation in the litigation and the final disposition of the case. Also state as to each case:

a. the date of representation;
b. the name of the court and the name of the judge or judges before whom the case was litigated; and
c. the individual name, addresses, and telephone numbers of co-counsel and of principal counsel for each of the other parties.