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Clinton weighs in on Lieberman bill

From NBC's Courtney Kube
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton weighed in on Sen. Joe Lieberman's (I) proposed legislation to strip citizenship for naturalized Americans who are affiliated with a terrorist organization.

Clinton explained that the State Department already has expatriation authority within U.S. law that permits the State Department to rescind American citizenship if someone shows some kind of allegiance to a foreign state.

U.S. citizenship is "a privilege, not a right," Clinton said, adding that people who enter into U.S. citizenship through naturalization swear to uphold their oath to the Constitution and that those who serve foreign terrorists "are clearly in violation, in my personal opinion, of that oath which they swore when they became citizens."

The State Department has exercised the expatriation authority in the past, she said, adding that she understands the desire from the members of Congress, and the State Department will take a hard look at this legislation.