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GOP stokes Miranda Rights controversy

From NBC's Ken Strickland and Domenico Montanaro
Republican Leader Mitch McConnell today praised law enforcement efforts to capture a man suspected in the attempted car bombing in New York City, saying, "It looks like they got their man, and we're grateful for their efforts on our behalf."

And as if to remind the administration about the controversy about reading Miranda Rights too soon to the suspected Christmas Day bomber who carried explosives in his underwear, McConnell included this not-so-subtle point in his floor speech today:

"Hopefully the appropriate officials are using this opportunity to exploit as much intelligence as he may have about his overseas connections and any other plots against Americans either here or abroad."

Earlier this year, the Republican leader was among dozens of Republicans who challenged intelligence officials about treating Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab with the rights of a criminal defendant rather than interrogating him as in enemy combatant.

In a January speech, a few weeks after the Abdulmutallab's arrest, McConnell said, "We should have gotten every bit of information we could have about this man's plans, his connections, and his cronies in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Instead, the administration placed a higher priority on reading him his Miranda Rights, and on getting him an attorney."

Attorney General Eric Holder defended the administration's procedures on the Christmas Day case. And the FBI said Abdulmutallab began talking after the U.S. was in touch with his family in Nigeria, other means beside from torture.