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Bill Clinton appears in new Lincoln ads

From NBC's Mark Murray
Bill Clinton has cut two radio ads for Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln in her Democratic primary against Bill Halter.

One ad touts how she has brought jobs to Arkansas. The other defends her for her pro-NAFTA vote, as well as her vote for Clinton's 1993 budget plan. 

Here's an excerpt of the second radio ad:

My friend Senator Blanche Lincoln is being criticized from both ends of the political spectrum. There was a TV ad criticizing her vote to ship jobs overseas. It was talking about NAFTA, which passed in my first term. Blanche voted for it because she knew it would open new markets for Arkansas rice and soy beans, and it did.

She's also been attacked for a voting to raise taxes on Social Security. What she voted for was my '93 economic plan that gave our country years of balanced budgets and surpluses and record prosperity, including almost 23 million new jobs and an all-time high in family income.