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Obama again addresses oil spill

From NBC's Ali Weinberg
At the top of his remarks today, President Obama updated reporters on his administration's response to the oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, stressing that BP -- the owners of the oil rig where an explosion and the subsequent spill occurred -- are solely responsible for the disaster.

As First Read noted this morning, the White House has been defending its reaction to the spill amid criticism that the federal government hasn't done enough in response.

"BP is ultimately responsible under the law for paying the costs of response and cleanup operations," Obama said. But he also stated that the federal government is continuing to work with state and federal governments.

"There are now five staging areas to protect sensitive shorelines; approximately 1,900 federal response personnel are in the area; and more than 300 response vessels and aircraft on the scene 24/7. We've also laid approximately 217,000 feet of protective boom, and there are more on the way."

Obama added that he's ordered Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to conduct a full review of the breach and report back in 30 days with recommendations on what additional precautions and technologies can be put in place to prevent against another such failure.

Later today, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles will brief reporters on the spill in Robert, LA.