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Time to cue Lionel Richie...

From NBC's Kelly O'Donnell, Michelle Perry, and Mark Murray
... because we're about to go "all night long" in the U.S. Senate on financial reform.


As Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, the Democratic leadership is prepared to require senators remain here through the night. They can use procedures to demand the presence of all senators in what's known as a "live quorum call." If senators do not appear, the Senate Majority Leader can ask the Sergeant at Arms to physically compel members to be present.

Democrats have signed up in shifts to speak on financial regulatory reform through the wee hours. Republican aides say they have not scheduled their line-up of speakers just yet, but would be prepared to get their members ready to talk about their preferred issues for hours.

Reid can call for another vote, but that's not required to keep the lights on. This may have zero substance, but it can provide political theater for Democrats to make their point that Republicans are blocking progress.