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GOP watch: Issa vs. RNC

— If Darrell Issa is going after the RNC, you know the perception of the RNC is that bad… In response to a mailing by the Republican National Committee with the word "census" on it -- again -- Republican Rep. Darrell Issa "introduced a bill Tuesday to prevent deceptive uses of the word 'census' on non-federal direct mail," Roll Call writes. In Issa's statement, he says, "The RNC's mailings plainly violate the spirit and intent of the law. Deceptive mailings must not be allowed to interfere with the constitutionally mandated Census. This legislation deserves bipartisan support, and I am working with Congressional Democrats to advance this bill as expeditiously as possible." 
"Laura Bush has finally opened up publicly about the mysterious car accident she had when she was 17, a crash that claimed the life of a high school friend on a dark country road in Midland, Tex," the New York Times writes of a new book out by the former first lady. And: "On several occasions in the book, Ms. Bush admonishes her husband's political adversaries for 'calling him names,' and she pointedly rebuts criticism of some of his key decisions. She suggested that his highly criticized fly-over of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina was in the best interests of the victims and aid workers on the ground."
And how about this? "Ms. Bush also suggests, apparently for the first time, that she, Mr. Bush, and several members of their staff may have been poisoned during a visit to Germany for a G8 Summit. They all became mysteriously sick, and the president was bedridden for part of the trip. The Secret Service investigated the possibility they were poisoned, she writes, but doctors could only conclude that they all contracted a virus."