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Officials downplay NC airport arrest

From NBC's Pete Williams
Official concern is very low over the Ohio man arrested Sunday at the North Carolina airport where President Obama's plane took off.

Based on the airport police report, it appears that Joseph McVey pulled into the rental car parking lot about a minute after the president's plane left. His appearance provoked curiosity, because his car was loaded with police scanners and antennas. He had flashing police-style lights and a siren. And he was carrying a sidearm.

However, officials say he had a license to carry the gun and was apparently the kind of person who likes to hang around cops and help out -- in parades with crowd control, for example. 

This morning, one official familiar with the investigation says McVey heard the president's plane was at the airport and wanted to see it take off.

McVey has been charged with a misdemeanor, common law public nuisance violation. But there's nothing to indicate that it's going to go much further.