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LeMieux's dilemma

From NBC's Mark Murray
Politico's Martin takes a look at the man who is caught in the middle of the "Will Charlie Crist run as an indie?" story: Sen. George LeMieux (R).

LeMieux is Crist's former top adviser, and he was appointed by Crist to fill out the remainder of Sen. Mel Martinez's term.

Martin reports, citing a source, that LeMieux will end up endorsing Marco Rubio if Crist runs as an independent.

From the article:

LeMieux's dilemma — to choose between his political mentor and his own electoral ambition — couldn't come at a worse time. At a moment when some of his fellow appointed senators attract attention mostly for purposes of derision, the mild-mannered, 40-year-old Florida native has won plaudits from a range of his colleagues — some of whom say they'd like him to return to the Senate.

His appointment last summer raised eyebrows in Tallahassee and Washington — LeMieux had never previously served in office and his chief credential was his relationship with the man who tapped him — but he's already dispelled the notion that he would be a mere seat warmer until Crist got to town.