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GOP watch: RNC still stays in the news

Given the back-and-forth between reports and allegations that the RNC's donor program is insolvent, and that committee's attempts to prove otherwise, "the story is no good for an RNC that desperately needs to stay out of the news," The Washington Post writes.

"Sarah Palin could testify as early as Friday in the federal trial in Knoxville of a former University of Tennessee student charged with breaking into the ex-Alaska governor's email," AP reports. "Palin's husband, Todd, is also a potential government witness in the trial that will likely last into next week." 
But Palin's also scheduled to do this: "Sarah Palin could have hardly picked a more crunchy granola town to give a speech in than Eugene. Despite its pioneer and logging heritage, the town where Nike running shoes were born from a waffle iron is high on organic food, snobby about craft beers and tattoos, home to the University of Oregon and dependably votes Democratic. Last year, the mayor declared the first week in May as Medical Marijuana Awareness Week. Yet the Lane County Republican party couldn't be prouder of landing the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate, who uses 'granola' as a term of derision, as the headliner for its Lincoln Day fundraiser dinner Friday night."