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Biden explains 'BFD' on The View

From msnbc.com's Carrie Dann
It's BFD: The True Hollywood story.

Vice President Joe Biden offered a first-person account Thursday of his infamous bleep-necessitating aside to President Obama at the March signing of the health-care overhaul bill.

In an appearance on ABC's The View, Biden said that Obama was "laughing like the devil" after learning that Biden's whispered labeling of the landmark reform legislation as "a big f---ing deal" had been audible over an open microphone.

"I was just thankful my mother couldn't hear it," Biden said. "I realized there was a microphone, I just had no idea it was that sensitive."

At times visibly betraying an effort to choose his words carefully, Biden responded to questions about the tenor of debate in Washington and the appeal of his onetime campaign counterpart, GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Biden called the former Alaska governor "a charming person."

"People look at me as though I'm kidding -- but I like her," he said. 

Biden also fielded more serious questions from the show's hosts about the economy and the threat of a nuclear Iran. He said that he expects new United Nations sanctions against Iran by the end of this month or beginning of next month. 

Responding to a reference by host Whoopi Goldberg to a proposal to institute a national value-added tax, Biden said that Obama has expressed openness to hearing more about it, but dismissed the notion that it is under serious consideration. "We aren't talking about that," he said.

The appearance on the ABC talk show was Biden's second. He was a guest on the show in 2007 to promote his book, "Promises To Keep: On Life and Politics."

For political channel-surfers, the interview served as an opening act to Obama's televised remarks on financial regulatory reform at Cooper Union in New York City. Obama's speech began moments after the vice president signed off with the ladies of The View.