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SCOTUS: Taking abortion into account

The Washington Post: "President Obama forcefully stated his desire to nominate a Supreme Court candidate who supports abortion rights, saying Wednesday that it is 'very important' to have a justice who interprets the Constitution as protecting individual rights, including women's. Obama was careful to say that he would impose no litmus test on potential nominees. But he made it clear during a meeting with Senate leaders that he would take into account a candidate's views on the constitutionality of abortion."

"It's official," Roll Call writes, "President Barack Obama has moved the Supreme Court nomination process to the top of his priority list, packing his schedule with phone calls to key Senators and informal meetings with potential nominees in the lead-up to announcing his final selection in the next few weeks. A bipartisan meeting with Senate leaders on Wednesday set the tone for how Obama plans to proceed: quickly, thoroughly and with Republican involvement."

The New York Times profiles Diane Wood and her working relationship with 7th Circuit conservatives Richard Posner and Frank Easterbrook. "'It's hard to find more confident and strong-willed judges than Frank Easterbrook and Richard Posner — they're brilliant and they know it,' Mr. Goldstein said. 'If she can have a decades-long relationship with these judges and maintain their respect, and do things like have Easterbrook come around in the mezuzah case, it really shows that she's not tilting at windmills. She is very invested in persuading.'"