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Obama agenda: Reaching out

"Pushing forward with one of his most consequential decisions, President Barack Obama has begun informal talks with potential nominees for the Supreme Court," the AP reports. "And now he is reaching out to the senators who will control the confirmation fight ahead."

The Hill says Obama "will nominate a replacement to fill the Supreme Court seat of retiring Justice John Paul Stevens no later than May 26. But a senior administration official said it's 'entirely likely' that the president's pick will come 'well before then.' ... May 26 is the same day Obama nominated Sotomayor last year."

Is immigration next? Harry Reid pledged to work on immigration reform this year. And Scott Brown in an interview with the Wall Street Journal said that Obama told him immigration is coming in a month. "He called me originally about illegal immigration, something that he wanted me to look at that was coming down the pike," Brown says of the call, which also roamed onto other topics like basketball and financial regulation. "I told him and others that I will read anything and make a judgment when it comes forth."