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GOP watch: Romney with Rubio

Mitt Romney endorsed Marco Rubio and campaigned with him in Tampa, FL. "Marco Rubio's meteoric rise -- first to Florida speaker of the house, and now to a candidate for the US Senate -- is the embodiment of the American Dream," Romney said. "While I respect Governor Crist, Marco Rubio's proven record of conservative, principled, and idea-driven leadership is what Florida needs now. Marco Rubio will be a reliable spokesman against the Washington culture of higher spending, higher taxes, and higher debt."

Romney also waded into whether or not Crist should run as an independent: "At a rally in Tampa yesterday, Romney urged Crist not to follow that path and possibly undercut Rubio's chances. Romney, former Massachusetts governor who ran for the GOP nomination for president in 2008, said that Crist should stay in the US Senate race as a Republican or step aside and support his opponent. He said he expects 'Crist to do the right thing.'" 
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