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Obama agenda: Shadow Boxer-ing

The Los Angeles Times on Obama's fundraisers for Sen. Barbara Boxer last night. "In a foray that underscored the tough reelection battle facing Sen. Barbara Boxer, President Obama visited Los Angeles on Monday for a set of fundraisers expected to raise nearly $3.5 million for the three-term senator and the Democratic National Committee. Obama mixed support for Boxer with a defense of his own leadership, arguing that while there would be 'some hard days ahead' for the nation, signs of progress abound: the economy is expanding, businesses have begun hiring and tax revenue is edging up." 

Obama also mentioned that Boxer could lose. "I don't want anyone here taking this for granted," he said in Los Angeles last night. "Unless she's got that support she might not win this thing, and I don't think that's an acceptable outcome. So I want everyone to work hard."

Meanwhile, Obama was interrupted by gay rights protesters at the fundraiser, who shouted: "What about 'Don't ask, don't tell?'" Obama yelled back: "We are going to do that."

Turning to financial reform, Obama is on the front page of the New York Post with this headline: "Wall buster!"

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News' cover is: "You don't call? Mayor miffed Obama snub on Thursday visit here."

"If diplomacy fails and Iran gets a nuclear bomb, the U.S. would still have ways to discourage Tehran from using these terrifying weapons," the AP writes. "But there are limits on what even the world's sole superpower can do to contain a nuclear-armed Iran and blunt its influence in the volatile Middle East."