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Bipartisan response to Citizens United

From NBC's Mark Murray
Last night, Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen and GOP Rep. Mike Castle announced that they are teaming up to draft a legislative response to the Supreme Court's Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission ruling, which permits corporate and labor interests to use their money directly in campaigns.

While Van Hollen and Castle haven't released the details of the legislation, a press release listed what they want to do -- establish tougher disclosure requirements, close loopholes to prevent foreign entities from spending on elections, and keep major beneficiaries of taxpayer money from financing campaigns.

"The court's ruling in this case demonstrates a blatant disregard for its own precedents and ignores the clear intent of Congress to reduce the influence of powerful special interests," the two men said. "We have an obligation to provide transparency and integrity in our political process, and we urge our colleagues to join us in supporting this important legislation."

Of course, it's interesting that the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (Van Hollen) is teaming up here with a Republican running for the Senate in Delaware (Castle).

Van Hollen spokesman Doug Thornell responds, "This is an issue that shouldn't be held hostage by partisan politics. Both parties should want to reduce the influence of powerful special interests and increase transparency."