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SCOTUS: Diane Wood and abortion

The Washington Post profiles possible SCOTUS pick Diane Wood, who has come under criticism from anti-abortion groups. "If President Obama nominates U.S. Circuit Judge Diane P. Wood to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, social conservatives say they intend to make her rulings on abortion rights the primary point of contention," the paper says.

More: "Liberal supporters praise Wood for her willingness to challenge 7th Circuit Judges Frank H. Easterbrook and Richard A. Posner, formidable thinkers admired by conservatives. Despite their ideological differences, the three are friends who often eat lunch together… Critics 'are misconstruing some carefully reasoned opinions for their own political ends,' said Nan Aron, head of the liberal Alliance for Justice, who noted that Wood's support for abortion rights is not unusual. 'No one expects a Democratic president to appoint a justice or a judge who is anti-choice.'"