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Obama agenda: The hurler-in-chief

The Washington Post covers the Obama family attending Easter services yesterday at an African-American church in DC. "As Obama worshipped with 700 others for two hours, the parishioners and preachers made him a focal point of the service. His mere presence was historic, they said. In Ward 8, the District's poorest, Obama's arrival was at once regarded as a reminder of the neighborhood's problems -- the unemployment rate is 28.5 percent -- and a reason to maintain hope." 

Obama today: President Obama throws out the first pitch at the Nationals' game this afternoon, marking the 100th anniversary of presidents throwing out Opening Day first pitches. Taft was the first to do so in 1910. Also today is the White House Easter Egg roll. "The White House is expecting 30,000 men, women and children for the annual tradition," AP writes. "Celebrities joining the festivities include singer Justin Bieber and the cast of 'Glee.' More than 14,500 hard-boiled eggs are dyed and waiting."

"The President has been warming up this time around, too, playing catch on the White House grounds to prepare for the opener," the New York Daily News reports. "'Just like all the pitchers around the majors, the southpaw President has engaged in a little spring training in the Rose Garden to get his curve ball in Opening Day order,' said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs. And: "Obama's pitch last year wasn't the greatest. Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols, a future Hall of Famer, saved him from the embarrassment of a short hop by moving up to scoop the low pitch inches off the ground. Taft got similar help from another Hall of Famer, pitcher Walter Johnson, as The AP reported: 'The throw was a little low, but the pitcher struck out his long arm and grabbed the ball before it hit the ground.'" More: "Monday's game will feature a rematch of the 1910 opener, Washington hosting Philadelphia, but not the same teams."