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GOP watch: A rough week

— "The best thing the Republican Party can say about this week is, it is nearly over," AP writes. In addition to the sex-club expenditure, "Now it turns out the RNC inadvertently listed a phone-sex number on a fund-raising letter sent to potential donors. People who tried to call the committee were instead offered 'live, one-on-one talk with a nasty girl' for $2.99 a minute."
The reviews are in on Palin's 'Real American Stories": "Sarah Palin will have a career in TV, that's for sure, but 'Real American Stories' isn't the show to make her a superstar," the New York Daily News' Huff writes. But it doesn't blame it on her, "It's the production," the paper adds. And: "Palin is disconnected from the show. Having her follow the taped pieces with interviews gives the production the feel of a telethon, without the pitch for money… A better production would help, and so, too, would having her do the field interviews."