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Midterms: McCain's and Halter's hauls

ARIZONA: John McCain raised $2.2 million in the first quarter. http://bit.ly/csoNtX

ARKANSAS: Bill Halter's campaign tells First Read that it raised $2 million in just one month since declaring his bid on March 1.

CALIFORNIA: "The National Organization for Marriage is spending $300,000 on television ads that liken [Republican former Rep. Tom] Campbell to [Democratic Sen. Barbara] Boxer on taxes and gay marriage, calling them two peas in the same liberal pod," AP writes.

The Los Angeles Times has an article suggesting that while Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman "occasionally shows her political naiveté," she is "doing her homework," as evidence by her knowledge of the intricacies of state water policy, citing provisions that not even many state staffers were aware of. 

FLORIDA: Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn threw his support to Marco Rubio over Charlie Crist.

NEW YORK: "New York Democrats have begun expressing concerns about the costs of a special election to fill the 29th district House seat, raising the prospect that the state won't hold a vote to fill the vacancy any earlier than the regularly scheduled primaries in September," Roll Call reports.

WISCONSIN: "[T]here is evidence that suggests [Rep. David] Obey will get a credible GOP challenge this year in his northwestern 7th district — from Sean Duffy, a young county prosecutor whose candidacy has prompted CQ Politics to shift the rating of the Wisconsin 7 race from Safe Democratic to Likely Democratic," CQ reports.