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Blog Buzz: Drilling it in

From NBC's Ali Weinberg
President Obama's assertion yesterday that his plan to expand offshore drilling would be assailed by on both sides of the ideological spectrum was reinforced today by posts from both liberal and conservative bloggers.

Liberal blogs expressed outrage that Obama would propose initiatives once trumpeted by Sarah Palin on the '08 campaign trail. Writes Chris in Paris of AMERICAblog, "It would be a lot easier to understand if Sarah Palin was making the argument in favor of drilling there, but Obama? What is he thinking? The White House continues to make it difficult to want to support them when they throw out junk like this time after time." 

On the other hand, NRO's Jim Geraghty writes that Obama's concession to conservatives as little consolation after the partisan passage of health care. "We ought to be able to say, 'ah, a centrist move from a president we didn't prefer, how refreshing.' But after the Obamaniacs won the health care vote through kickbacks, reconciliation, a flirtation with Demonpass, and ultimately persuading enough House Democrats to commit career suicide over it, the trust is gone."

Blogs on both sides of the ideological spectrum seem to be amused by the NRSC's new Web ad, "Democrats' Rainbows and Unicorns," parodying what it sees as the Obama administration's delusional first year. An excerpt of the script: "Our deficit is no more. And global warming has been solved by replacing cars with low-emission unicorn."

Gatewaypundit's Jim Hoft writes of the spot, "This would be a great April Fool's Day ad if the joke wasn't so painful to live through."

HotAir's Ed Morrissey writes that the "rhetoric in the video's first minute isn't far off the mark from what the Obama administration and Democrats claim as their achievements, either. While the US continues to lose jobs and see debt pile up with the explosion of federal spending, they act as though Democrats are the true deficit hawks and unemployment has been solved. Maybe Democrats and Barack Obama really do believe in unicorns and rainbow power!"

And liberal blogger David Weigel at the Washington Independent notes that the Republican group "accidentally went off-message," by inadvertently admitting that global warming exists. "At least that's how I read the joke in this (pretty darn funny) NRSC video — the one about how 'global warming has been solved' under President Obama's introduction of 'low-emission unicorns powered by the renewable energy of rainbows,' Weigel writes.