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Federal officials thwart militia plot

From NBC's Pete Williams
Federal prosecutors say members of a Michigan-based militia planned to kill a local policeman -- and then attack the law enforcement officers who gathered in Michigan for the funeral.

According to court documents, the plan was to attack law enforcement vehicles during a funeral procession with homemade bombs.

Prosecutors say one of the militia members downloaded information about how to build the devices from the Internet and emailed diagrams of them to someone he believed was capable of making them. The militia member directed his son and others to begin gathering the materials requires to make them.

Justice Department officials say that nine people -- six from Michigan, two from Ohio, and one from Indiana -- have been charged in what they say was this plot to attack local police. 

It's clear that the FBI has had this group under close watch for months, and had the capacity to shut it down whenever investigators believed it was planning to go operational, which is just what happened over the weekend.