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Obama agenda: 'Go for it'

"President Obama took his new health-care law into the heartland yesterday and dared Republicans to run campaigns this fall pledging to repeal it," the New York Post writes. "Go for it,' the president taunted, insisting that the bill will become more popular with time. 'This is a common-sense bill,' Obama told the wildly supportive crowd gathered in a field house at the University of Iowa."

The New York Times: "The Obama administration on Friday will announce broad new initiatives to help troubled homeowners, potentially refinancing several million of them into fresh government-backed mortgages with lower payments."

What's next for health care? The New Republic's Jon Cohn says the Obama administration now faces the hard part on health care -- delivering the deliverables, educating the public, handling the insurers, and bending the cost curve. "Much as the Iraq war wasn't over when American forces conquered Baghdad, so health care reform didn't end when President Obama signed the bill. If carrying out the legislation doesn't get the same sustained attention that passing it did, then this week's historic victory will lose much of its luster."

"Insurgents are preparing a campaign of suicide bombings and other high-profile attacks in the bustling but poorly protected Afghan capital of Kabul this summer, posing a new threat to the fragile Afghan government and the recent military gains of the American-led counterinsurgency, according to several US officials and advisers briefed on recent intelligence reports," the Boston Globe says.