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The midterms: Crist-vs.-Rubio ad war

FLORIDA: "With Florida's primary now five months --  to the day -- away, the two leading Republican Senate candidates in the Sunshine State spent Wednesday firing political punches at each other," the New York Times says. Gov. Crist released a television spot as well as a radio ad, while Rubio unveiled a new web video as well as two television ads, the New York Times adds.

KENTUCKY: " Former Vice President Dick Cheney endorsed Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson Wednesday in the U.S. Senate race, underscoring what Grayson believes could be a fatal flaw in his chief opponent [Rand Paul's] campaign," namely weakness on defense issues, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports.

MARYLAND: CQ quotes a report from WJLA-TV saying, "Ex-Gov. Bob Ehrlich is going to try for a comeback," and will announce his challenge to incumbent Martin O'Malley (D) on April 7th.

MASSACHUSETTS: "Governor Deval Patrick returned from a fund-raising trip to California to find his two main rivals in the governor's race pummeling each other furiously, underscoring the increasingly fierce fight between Republican Charles D. Baker Jr. and independent Timothy P. Cahill to become the prime alternative to the Democratic incumbent," the Boston Globe writes. "With both challengers chasing disaffected voters, Cahill has attacked Baker for his involvement in the financing of the Big Dig and for his views on health care. Baker returned fire yesterday by challenging Cahill's fund-raising methods and the transparency in his office, calling for new disclosures on donors connected directly or indirectly with business interests before the treasurer. Polls suggest that Patrick's best chance to win will be if both challengers fight to the end, splitting the anti-incumbent vote."

NEVADA: "The Tea Party Express plans today to launch an ad denouncing Scott Ashjian for running his U.S. Senate campaign under the Tea Party of Nevada banner without backing from local and national members of the movement," the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.