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Frum exits conservative think tank

From NBC's Mark Murray
After criticizing Republican Party leaders for their total opposition to President Obama's health-care plans, former Bush speechwriter David Frum announced that his relationship with the conservative American Enterprise Institute think tank was terminated. 

From Frum's blog:

I have been a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute since 2003. At lunch today, AEI President Arthur Brooks and I came to a termination of that relationship.

Below is the text of my letter of resignation.

Dear Arthur,
This will memorialize our conversation at lunch today. Effective immediately, my position as a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute is terminated. I appreciate the consideration that delays my emptying of my office until after my return from travel next week. Premises will be vacated no later than April 9.

I have had many fruitful years at the American Enterprise Institute, and I do regret this abrupt and unexpected conclusion of our relationship.

Very truly yours,
David Frum

*** UPDATE *** Greg Sargent spoke with Frum, who dismisses the perception that he was angrily fired over his criticism (despite his use of the word "termination"):

He claims AEI president Brooks at lunch today actually lauded him for making so much noise with that post.

"He said the thought might occur to me that this had to do with that," Frum says. "He wanted to ally my anxieties on that score. He was very empatic." Frum adds that Brooks "welcomed and celebrated" the debate he'd stirred up.

"He asked me if I'd like to work for AEI on a non salary basis," Frum added. "He said it had nothing to do with my work and that after all these are hard times."

"Big bad conservative think tank axes writer for criticizing GOP intransigence" is a seductive storyline for our times, but according to Frum, it's false.