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Boehner on threats

From NBC's Shawna Thomas
Leader John Boehner's weekly news conference today was
shorter than usual. It clocked in around eight minutes; he took seven
questions -- all on the threats to members of Congress and then left.

House Minority Leader John Boehner discusses the heated rhetoric around
the health care debate, and distinguishes it from threats against
lawmakers, which he condemns.

He began by railing against the health care law. "It's been a
somber week for the American people," he said. "With the stroke of a
pen, President Obama signed away another share of
American's freedom."

He called the threats against some members of
Congress "unacceptable" and asked people to find other ways to make
their voices heard. "Find your candidate," he said. "Call your
Congressman. Go out and register people to vote. Volunteer on a
campaign. Make your voice heard, but do it the right way."

But when faced with the first question about whether his invoking the term "Armageddon" was helping to incite some of the threats he said, "There's been a lot of words said in this political debate and many political debates in this institution over the last 220 years. The fact is that this bill in my view is really going to harm our country."

On threats to Democratic members of Congress:

And he also cited that there were harsh words from the opposition for President George W. Bush when he was in office, particularly from anti-war liberals.

When asked whether the "Kill the Bill" signs some members of Congress held up on the Speaker's Balcony this past weekend were appropriate, the minority leader said he didn't see it.

Interestingly, in between condemning the health care law and condemning the threats, he condemned the White House on it's hand-ing of Israeli-U.S. relations.

"With all the uncertainty in the world, we can and should do better by our friend then taking every opportunity to embarrass them, said the Minority Leader when talking about his meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu. "It's a dangerous time and we need to be focused on real security threats and obstacles to peace in the Middle East. How Israel has been treated by this administration is not how you should treat a friend."